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Many snowmobiles

Snowmobile Adventures

New for this winter season, Canada Rides is pleased to announce we will be offering a snowmobile adventure to Northern Ontario

What We Offer

Epic Snowmobile Adventure to James Bay

New for this winter season, Canada Rides is pleased to announce that we are offering our first snowmobile adventure from Sudbury to James Bay and back from March 12th to the 18th, 2023. Spots are limited, so book yours now!


Join us on our Epic Canada Rides Snowmobile adventure to James Bay! This 7-day adventure begins just outside Sudbury at the Sportsman's lodge. The trip will take us north through Cochrane and onto Hearst via Abitibi Canon. In Hearst, we will partner with Follow Her North to travel to Onakawana Camp and onto Moosonee and James Bay! Then we will return to Hearst and continue our journey home through Chapleau back to Sudbury.   

The cost of the Snowmobile Adventure to James Bay is $895 + HST.  View Full Itinerary

What is included:

  • We organize all routes from beginning to end, so you just show up at our meeting point and ride!  

  • A guide and a sweep for the entire journey to help ensure the group stays together. The guide will know about bypasses and can make decisions on the fly to keep the group moving

  • Our guides will ensure the routes have sufficient rest stops for gas and food

  • Guides will have tools to do trail-side repairs for most typical minor problems. 

What's not included:

  • Cost of fuel

  • Transportation to the start and endpoint

  • Meals and Accommodations 

For full terms, cancellation fees, and safety policies, please click here

What you will need to bring:

  • Snowmobile in good working order with all your machine-specific tools

  • 3 Gallons/4Litres of gas that you can carry on your snowmobile

  • Warm gear

  • Food and snacks for on the trails

  • Alcohol for consumption at the camp only

  • At least one spare belt for your snowmobile

  • Spare oil for your snowmobile

  • $350 cash for Onakawana Camp (includes breakfast and dinner). Cash and credit/debit cards for other incidentals

Itinerary: 7-Day Adventure

Day 1

Sudbury to Cochrane

Snowmobile plowing

Our trip begins at the Sportsman's Lodge Wilderness Resort. You can enjoy many outdoor winter activities at the resort. For those who arrive the day before, there are some great snowmobile loops nearby to check out. From the lodge, we will go north to Cochrane, via Timmins.  We will have dinner and stay the night. in Cochrane. 

Day 4

Onakawana Camp to Moosonee and James Bay, Back to Onakawana

3 sleds.jpg

After breakfast at Onakawana Camp, we will explore the James Bay area, Moose Factory and Moosonee. In total, we will ride about 200km. We will have lunch in Moosonee, and dinner at Onakawana Camp. There may be the possibility to buy liquor in Moosonee for AT CAMP ONLY.

Day 7

Timmins to Sudbury

Photo from a bridge.jpg

Waking up in Timmins, we will begin our final day, heading south back to Sportsman’s Lodge and Wilderness Resort. Once back, we will all go our separate ways after a great week of riding, covering over 2,000 kms.

Day 2

Cochrane to Hearst

abitibi canyon base camp.jpg

After a relaxing night in Cochrane, we will get up early and begin our Abitibi Canyon run to Hearst. We will ride from Cochrane to the Abitibi Canyon. The Abitibi Canyon Dam, built in the 1930s, provides excellent views of the river. From there, we will travel back down the other side to arrive in Hearst and spend the night at the Companion Hotel. 

Day 5

Onakawana Camp to Hearst


We begin our return via the  Abitibi Canyon. It's approximately 400km to return to Hearst. Lunch will be in either Abitibi Canyon or Smooth Rock Falls. We will spend the evening at the Companion Motel. 

Day 3

Hearst to Onakawana Camp

forest trail.jpg

We will leave early in the morning as we will travel 300km. Food for the trip can be prepared by the Companion Hotel Motel or bring your own. There will be a warm up shack halfway. Dinner and accommodations at Onakawana camp

Day 6

Hearst to Timmins

Many snowmobiles

We will leave Hearst and head towards Timmins.

  • Epic Snowmobile Adventure to James Bay
    Epic Snowmobile Adventure to James Bay
    Sun, Mar 12
    Greater Sudbury
    Mar 12, 2023, 8:00 a.m. EDT – Mar 18, 2023, 4:00 p.m. EDT
    Greater Sudbury, Greater Sudbury, ON, Canada
    New for this winter season, Canada Rides is pleased to announce that we are offering our first snowmobile adventure from Sudbury to James Bay and back from March 12th to the 18th. Spots are limited, so book yours now!
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