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  • What Is Canada Rides?
    Canada Rides is a training school created to introduce dirt bike, ATV, side by side and adventure riders to their respective sport in a safe and informative manner. The founders saw a need to train new riders in a way that emphasizes safety while also inspiring confidence.
  • Where is Canada Rides Located?
    Canada Rides was founded in Southern Ontario, with the goal of expanding to other markets across the country. We currently offer training programs near the GTA (Barrie Area, Kawarthas and Parry Sound).
  • Do you train children?  How old do you have to be to take a course?
    At the present time, we do not train young children. Currently, we are able to train riders 16+. For the ROHVA certification, a driver's license may also be required.
  • How long is a typical day of training?
    Training time for our courses can vary. For example, the hands-on portion of the ROHVA certification course is only 3-4 hours, however, there is a 3 hour online written test component. Typically, any of our motorized courses could last between 5-7 hours depending on how quickly students are able to move through the lessons, and if there is the opportunity to go on a trail ride to practice the skills learned in the course. We can also customize a training course to suit individual/group needs upon request.
  • I want to bring my business unit out for a team building event. Do you provide corporate events?
    Yes, our team would be happy to help your organization deliver a memorable team building event. We can help you develop all aspects of your meeting, from helping set up a business pesentation, catering, and of course training your group for a fun trail ride. Fill out our corporate events form to get started, and we will be in touch!
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