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Off-Road Adventure Training 

Adventure Riders

Become a Better Off-Road Rider

Canada Rides adventure training is for all levels of riders who want to take their riding to the next level. Our training focuses on improving fundamentals and advancing your training to the next level. Our locations provide diverse training environments, including hills, single and double-track trails, sand, and other riding surfaces, allowing everyone to experience and practice in actual adventure riding conditions. Training is provided in one and two-day sessions, allowing riders to get the most out of their adventure training experience.  

Level 1 Training

Our courses teach you the skills you need to master your adventure bike off-road. And if "practice makes perfect," as the old saying goes, our multi-day adventure training is the perfect combination to put your training to the test while enjoying some of the best routes Ontario has to offer. Our instructors will provide tips, scenario analysis, and encouragement throughout each adventure ride.


What you will learn

  • Bike set-up and body position for off-road riding

  • The top 5 accessories every adventure bike should have

  • The gear to comfortably ride your Adventure Motorcycle

  • Exercises for cornering, braking, clutch control, and acceleration

  • How to ride in all types of terrain: sand, mud, gravel, rocks, water crossings, hills, ruts & ridges


Level 2 Training

The difference between novice, intermediate, and expert riders is the mastery of fundamentals. Fundamentals like shifting weight, dynamic body position and braking all translate across all aspects of our adventure riding. Our Level 2 courses will continue to develop and refine skills from Level 1 while we introduce new challenging exercises for improved performance off-road, boosting your confidence even further.



Participants in our adventure training courses must have a street-legal dual sport or adventure bike capable of off-road terrain with valid insurance. You will also need to wear appropriate riding gear for off-road terrain, including:

  • Over-ankle boots

  • Long pants

  • Long sleeve jersey or jacket

  • Gloves

  • Helmet and goggles or glasses

Why train with us? 

  • Small class size, allowing for a better coach-to-student ratio. We limit our courses to 12 participants

  • Experienced ADV Trainers  

  • We teach you all the skills you need to handle riding your adventure bike on off-road trails

  • You will be riding on a variety of terrain

  • Lunch is included.

Upcoming Dates

Innisfil: April 27, 2024 (Alt. Date of May 4), May 11, 2024, June 1, 2024

Sudbury: June 8-9, 2024

Registration links will be posted below as they become available.  If you are interested in a training session that doesn't have a registration link below, sign up here to get on our list.  We will contact you when registration is open.  

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