COVID-19 Update:  While we await restrictions to be lifted, we are working on an upcoming adventure ride schedule for 2021. 

What is Canada Rides?

Canada Rides was founded to introduce the love of off-road riding to others in a safe and fun manner.  Canada Rides offers a number of training programs for dirt bike, adventure bike, ATV and side-by-side riding.


In addition to our training programs, Canada Rides offers adventure motorcycle rides for those individuals looking for a unique off-road adventure experience. 


Our Programs

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Canada Rides offers 4 different types of certificate training courses. Canada Rides can also customize courses to address a specific skill set. 


Adventure Rides

Canada Rides began offering adventure rides in 2020. The Mooseback Trail Ride was so successful, we decided to offer it again for 2021. In addition, some new locations and shorter rides will also be available.