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Training Programs

Intro to ATV and Side-by-Side Training

Whether you are new to the sport or if you haven't rode in a long time and need a refresher, an intro course is a great place to start. These courses don't come with an industry certificate, but are short (2 hours) and designed to teach you how to operate your vehicle safely.  

MSF Dirt Bike School

MSF Dirt Bike School is a curriculum based on the Motorcycle Safety Foundations (MSF) off-road course. The course consists of:

  • One-day hands-on training session

  • Teaches basic riding skills and responsible riding practices, including risk management and environmental awareness

  • After successful completion of the course, riders will receive an MSF DirtBike School completion card and the Tips and Practice Guide for the Off-Highway Motorcyclist booklet

CASI Certification

The CASI (Canadian AQCC Safety Institute) Training curriculum was developed by the All-Terrain Quad Council of Canada (AQCC) in conjunction with the ATV Safety Institute (ASI) and the Canadian Off-Highway Vehicle Distributors Council (COHV). The CASI training course consists of:

  • Half-day hands-on safety training teaching basic skills required for safe and responsible ATV operation

  • Emphasizes safety awareness and responsible riding practices

  • After successful completion of the course, riders will receive a guidebook and a certificate

ROHVA Certification

ROHVA (Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association) Training course consists of:

  • 3-hour on-line safety training component (to be completed prior to hands-on training day)

  • Half-day hands-on safety training

  • The course addresses basic operation and emphasizes safety awareness related specifically to ROV operation

  • After successful completion of the course, riders will receive a completion card, handbook and certificate

Adventure Bike Training

Our adventure training is designed for riders who want to master handling their adventure bikes in off-road conditions.


Purchasing an adventure bike, insurance and gear is an expensive investment. It makes sense to have professional instruction in using your bike in off-road conditions.


Topics covered include:

  • hill climbing

  • log obstacles

  • maneuvering through single-track


Whether you’re a first-time rider looking to enter the sport, or an experienced rider looking to improve a specific skill set, we have a course for you. 

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