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Upgrade Your Ride with Zac Speed Configr8 Accessories

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

The motorcycle industry has a plethora of products that manufacturers sell as "must-haves," no matter what type of motorcycle you ride. When it comes to designing gear for riders, Zac Speed has been manufacturing products that are top-notch for riders. In addition, Zac Speed offers an extensive range of motorcycle gear that caters to all types of riders including racers, commuters and cruisers.

Configr8 system

So, just what is it about the Configr8 system that is so wonderful? The ability to integrate a hydration backpack with either a chest protector, camera harness or tool roll is amazing. For the motocross racer, the Comp 2 is a lightweight hydration pack that when bundled with the Exotec Chest Protector provides the rider with lightweight protection and hydration. These two things are very critical for a racer.

rider wearing exotec chest protector

For the long-distance rider, the Sprint Hydration Pack holds 3 litres of water and can also carry a few necessities in it. When paired with the POV Action Camera Harness, it allows you to take awesome videos of your rides.

The Matrix Tool Pack is a great example of an accessory that suits all types of motorcycle riders. It can be worn on its own like a fanny pack or integrated with any of the hydration packs. It’s a great way to ensure you have just enough tools with you on your ride. It also has a clear window map pocket that can be seen without removing the bag. If you don’t carry maps, the clear pocket can also be used to store your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and trail passes.

There are many different hydration packs out there, but the Zac Speed packs are durable. The bags are constructed of 1680D Poly Fabric. The 1680D Poly Fabric is extremely durable and resistant to tears and abrasions. It is also water resistant, so your items stay dry no matter what the weather. The fabric is also lightweight, so it won't add extra weight while you're on the go.

Whether you’re riding trails, the motocross circuit, or a long and winding road, the Configr8 system has something for you. It has found a winning formula for bundling your need for hydration, storage, and a camera mount all in one! Moreover, this product is extremely durable! Visit the Canada Rides Webstore to find clear-out prices on our remaining Zac Speed Configr8 collection.


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